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Tue, 11/13/2012 - 23:26 -- Richard Damon

Please note that this feature was newly added to the list in Feb 2010, and some details may need to be adjusted as time progresses. The list software the the ArlingtonList uses offers regular subscribers to the list to filter thier subscription by predefined keywords placed in the subject of the messages. To digest subscribers, I am sorry to say but there is no option to filter the digests. You can set up your filter options at the standard option page at where you can log in with your email address and list password. Part way down the page is a set of boxes to select which categories of messages you wish to receive, and in the next section an option to receive messages that do not match any of the categories. You may check the boxes for categories you which to recieve, and messages that do not fall into those categories will be dropped from your subscripition (they will still show up in the archives if you search there). At a minimum I would request that you subscribe to the admin category which will be used to post important notices about the list. Until tagging becomes very common, you probably also want to include the unclassified messages too. Currently tagging is mostly optional, but encouraged. In the future I hope to have a routine running that will apply a gentile prod (via email) to remind people to add tags to their messages, and at some point I may make tagging a requirement (and untagged messages held for moderator review). The one tag that I am now mostly requiring is the [politics] tag, any message of a political nature should have this tag. Any message of this nature (in my opinion) that is held for review and not so tagged will be rejected.

To tag a message just requires adding the code phrase to the subject line of your message The list of current tags are:


Administrative messages, reserved for use by the list administrator or for replying to one of his messages so marked


For posting items to be given away for free


Offers to sell excess stuff you have (non-commercial)


Stuff you are In Search Of. This is for items that would be offered in [free] or [sell], if looking for a person/business ask for a recommendation


Commercial notices, note that list policy is that these be infrequent, for more information on commercial posting see Commercial Postings


A place to post recommendations for a local business/service or to ask about one.


It has been said that all conversations will eventually get to food. A tag for recipes, where to get ingredients, and things like this. Restaurant review/recommendations should go under [rcmd]


Announcements for upcoming events in or about our town.


Late breaking announcements about things that have happened in town.


A place to discuss our LOCAL politics. This is for things relating specifically to our town, and not State, Federal (or larger) issues


Talk about our schools. Note that talk of political things about the school (like budgets) belong in politics


Talk about our town way back when.


How to get to other places from here, and what other places might be nice to go to


Technical help request (things like help with a computer)


Anything else that isn't covered above, but still is on topic as it is specific to Arlington


Short discussion about things that aren't really on topic, but appropriate because they are helpful and generally non-controversial

To make it easier for phone users, the tags may also be enclosed in ( ) as in (food)