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Thu, 11/15/2012 - 23:49 -- Richard Damon

Go to to get to the subscription form (it will redirect you to the list software page) In the form enter

  • your email address,
  • your name (optional, but see Rules / Subscribing for why you should put in your real name),
  • a password (if you don't, a random one will be chosen for you), the list will email a reminder to you monthly with this password listed.
  • Select Individual Messages or Digest format. (See Digests for a discussion of the digest)

The list software will then email you a confirmation message. In that message is a link to click on to confirm your subscription. The message also mentions replying, but that is less reliable as some email programs reformat messages in ways that the list can't recognize. You will then start to receive your messages. Note that you must send message to the list form the address you subscribed with. To unsubscribe, see Unsubscribing