Important Notice to Yahoo Users

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 12:59 -- Richard Damon

Due to Yahoo's settings on their outgoing emails, Yahoo is not compatible with making submissions to the list. You may read the list from Yahoo, but if you want to post, you need to do it from an account with some other service (that also needs to be subscribed to the list).

Please see Changing my email address for details about how to change your subscription to a new email address.

I apologize to Yahoo users about this, there isn't much I can do at my end about this, and the alternatives are worse.


Welcome to the Arlington List. The list is a moderate to high volume list for people to help people and discuss what is happening in Arlington, Massachusetts.

The intended feel of the list is a long back yard fence where neighbors can chat, trade stories, and get some useful information. Need something? Someone may have it. have something you don't need? Someone may help you get rid of it. What's happening in town, it likely will be mentioned here.

The one thing we don't talk about (at least not much) is National Politics and such (they are considered off topic), though local politics are fair game as long as done civilly.

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